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The Spiral of Healing
A Journey Through the Chakras
Spiral of Healing by Meagan Pugh

To awaken your Creativity and Body Wisdom
by Meagan Pugh
Learn to listen to your body, release old patterns, and move beyond trauma into inner spaciousness and joy.

In this practical guide you will find tools for listening to your body and ways to respond to life’s challenges with fluidity and grace. Included are easy to follow written guided imagery and art processes for individuals, couples and groups, and a wealth of information about healing the body, mind and spirit.

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From the Table of Contents

  • Waking up to Yourself: Creativity, imagination & body wisdom
  • Laying the foundation: Re-examining the past, retrieving the healthy child
  • Entering the Fruitful Dark: Finding my way with creativity, sexuality and work
  • Take Me to My Leader: Discovering identity & personal power
  • Home is Where the Heart Is: Loving & nurturing self
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold My Piece: Reclaiming my authentic voice
  • Mindful Vision: Seeing what was, what is & what could be
  • And Then there was Light: Mysticism & the embodiment of sovereignty
  • Coming Full Circle: Integrating body, mind & spirit

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